Delicious breakfasts made with local products and homemade desserts to be enjoyed in the "Universal Room" or outdoors.
Breakfasts must be agreed at least one day before or, when possible, before the stay.
The timetable is as follows: from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.


During the summer season at Maggese it is possible to eat outdoors. The tables are set in our garden to enjoy the morning freshness while having breakfast and the suggestive sunsets during dinners.
When it is not possible to eat outside, the tables are prepared in the "Universal Room".
The "Universal Room" is housed in the renovated building where, only 50 years ago, grapes were pressed and tools were stored.
It is called "Universal" due to the large print of "The Last Judgement" hanging on the wall. It is located near the swimming pool and is always available to guests.

new trail accessible from the Park of Il Maggese

Accessible from the Park of Il Maggese there is a pedestrian agricultural nature path with a length of 1 Km. The path leads through the forest, walnut grove, the vineyard, the olive grove, the orchard, and along the river.

The threshing of wheat.

A portion of the grain is produced by working with traditional machines for bread-making direct families.

The threshing of grain in 2015

Durum wheat produced by the farm "fallow" is beaten and separated from the non-edible parts, using the old machines traditional and retaining all the nutrients and healthy.

WiFi zone


At Il Maggese there is a free wifi connection enabled 24 hours a day.

Visits to MAEC and the archaeological sites

Discover the MAEC - Museum of the Etruscan Academy and of the City of Cortona.
Not to be missed: the Tabula Cortonensis, text in Etruscan language, the Etruscan chandelier dating back to the 4th century. B.C. and all the wonderful art pieces in the museum rooms.
MAEC is the documentation and reception center of the archaeological park. Discover all the routes to visit the archaeological monuments, evidence of the Etruscan and Roman period.
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